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Did you see Warren Buffett Help A Shareholder Propose?

Monday, May 5th, 2014

We have been lucky to witness several proposals at Borsheims over the years.

This one may take the cake.

After all, it’s not every day you get the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, in your engagement story.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes on how it happened:

Eric LeFante sent a letter to Mr. Buffett’s office a few months ago, explaining that he would like Mr. Buffett’s help in proposing to his girlfriend. Mr. Buffett’s office put Eric in touch with Borsheims long-time salesperson, Monica Eby.

Monica worked with Eric over the past few months to plan the entire thing out. From selecting the diamond (which is a Borsheims Signature Diamond from Canada) to mapping out exactly how the surprise would play out. Monica even made sure to arrange champagne for the happy couple to toast with Mr. Buffett. (The Omaha World Herald has the story, too.)

Watch the video to see exactly how Warren helps with the surprise.

We are thrilled for Eric and Carrie and so honored that we get to play a role in such a special moment in their lives.

That’s our mission statement at Borsheims:
“We are privileged to share in the special moments in our customers’ lives. We will treat this opportunity with the respect and importance it deserves.”
Thank you, Eric and Carrie, for allowing us to be a part of your special day. Thank you, Monica, for another job well done.  And thank you, Mr. Buffett, for your great acting work (and salesman job!) You are all welcome back at Borsheims any time!

Photos and Video from Berkshire Hathaway Weekend

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Whew! We are all wrapped up at Borsheims from another amazing Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend. It was packed with fun, shopping, and more fun.

Take a look back through the weekend with all of our photos here.

Created with flickr slideshow.

And watch the best video of the weekend… where Warren Buffett helps a shareholder propose to his girlfriend by selling them the diamond ring!

Warren Buffett Sells 6 Buffett-Signed Diamonds, Other Jewelry at Borsheims

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Warren Buffett Sells 6 Buffett-signed Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Watches

“Crazy Warren” Sells to Dozens at Borsheims

Omaha, NE – For about two hours, Warren Buffett sold jewelry to dozens of customers at his Berkshire Hathaway-owned jewelry store Borsheims in Omaha. Mr. Buffett worked the sales counter and gave customers “Crazy Warren” prices as part of the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend. Shareholders purchased a variety of jewelry items from Mr. Buffett, but six of the diamonds he sold were extra special – they had his name engraved onto the diamond’s girdle.

Mr. Buffett sold the last six of the 26 available Warren Buffett-signed loose diamonds. The loose diamonds varied in size from ¾ carat up to 5 carats, and were laser-inscribed with Warren Buffett’s signature, the Borsheims logo, a maple leaf, and a unique identifying number. With only 26 loose diamonds with Mr. Buffett’s signature and 25 diamond pendants bearing his signature (those were purchased in less than two hours at the CenturyLink Center during Saturday’s annual meeting,) it was no surprise that all 51 Buffett-signed diamonds sold out this weekend.

What was a surprise was Mr. Buffett’s first customer of the day. Eric LeFante told his girlfriend he was buying a necklace from Mr. Buffett, but instead bought an engagement ring, dropped to his knee, and proposed to his girlfriend. Mr. Buffett handed the two glasses of champagne before toasting them with Borsheims President & CEO Karen Goracke.

The excitement just kept building after that. For about two hours, Mr. Buffett sold more engagement rings, diamond bracelets, earrings, watches and other fine jewelry. He helped customers buy jewelry to celebrate anniversaries, engagements, and other milestones. At Borsheims, we are privileged to share in the special moments in our customers’ lives and feel extra privileged to allow our customers to celebrate those moments with Mr. Buffett.

Warren Buffett sells jewelry to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders at Borsheims during the 2014 Annual Shareholders weekend.

Warren Buffett sells jewelry to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders at Borsheims during the 2014 Annual Shareholders weekend.

Borsheims Fine Jewelry and Gifts is one of the nation’s largest independent jewelry stores and a proud member of the Berkshire Hathaway family.  With an international clientele spanning 50 states and six continents, Borsheims continues to operate with the vision that has guided the company for more than a century: “We are privileged to share in the special moments in our customers’ lives.  We will treat this opportunity with the respect and importance it deserves.”

For more information about Borsheims, contact Adrienne Fay at (402)391-0400 or or Trisha Meuret at (402)658-0017 or

Welcome Back, “Crazy Warren” Buffett!

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

We are so thrilled to welcome back our #1 salesman, Warren Buffett.

(Or “Crazy Warren” as he calls himself.)

Warren Buffett sells jewelry at Borsheims during the 2013 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting.

Warren Buffett sells jewelry at Borsheims during the 2013 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting.

We are so excited he has agreed to a fourth year of working the sales counter at Borsheims. And we know the dozens of customers who have appointments to buy from him are pretty excited, too.

Stay tuned for pictures, video and stories of Warren at Work!

Update: Warren Buffett-signed Diamonds Nearly Sold Out

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

UPDATE: We have only 6 loose stones left. If you want a Warren Buffett signed diamond, act fast!

Two hours.

That’s all the time it took for us to sell through our supply of 25 Warren Buffett-signed diamond pendant necklaces this morning at the CenturyLink Center during the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting.

Those shareholders who bought them got a steal. The 1/2 carat diamond pendants would retail for $2500 even without Warren Buffett’s signature. But since Warren wants us to give shareholders great deals, we reduced the price to $1,750. They sold fast! They were gone by 9am!

WEB Signature InscriptionWe do have a few of the loose diamonds for sale still at Borsheims store, although not many! We sold the first two early last week, as soon as people found out about the diamonds. We’ve sold many more since. With only 26 of the loose stones total, you probably want to stake your claim to your diamond early Sunday morning (we open at 9am).

We weren’t the only Berkshire Hathaway company selling out of things at the CenturyLink Center. Take a look at this story from the Omaha World Herald on all the buying that was happening during the annual meeting.

We are so glad our shareholders come to support us by shopping and we are happy to give them great deals!

OWH: Borsheims CEO Sees Berkshire Weekend From New Vantage Point

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Did I tell you we have a new CEO at Borsheims?

Karen Goracke Photo

New to the role of CEO, but certainly not new to Borsheims. Karen Goracke (gohr-ACK-ee) has been with Borsheims in nearly every role in the store since starting here in the late 80s. She has worked in the shipping, gift wrap and customer service departments. She bought watches, jewelry, and eventually was in charge of buying for the entire store before Warren Buffett chose her to lead Borsheims late last year.

She officially took over on January 1, 2014. So this is her first Berkshire “steering the ship” that is Borsheims.

The Omaha World Herald included a lovely profile of Karen in today’s Berkshire Hathaway special section. Read it to get a better idea of why we love Karen and why we love Borsheims so much.

And if you see Karen this weekend, make sure to say hello and welcome her to her new role! She has big shoes to fill but we know she’s the right woman for the job!

What to Buy at Berkyville During today’s Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

We know some shareholders come to listen to every word Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger say during the annual meeting.

We also know a lot of others who take Warren and Charlie’s advice and go shop the Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries during portions of the meeting.

I checked out the exhibitor hall yesterday. The baseball theme is really carried out well!

The Omaha World Herald has a great guide of several of the different products you can buy today, from a baseball pennant that benefits a local charity to Brooks running shoes.

The Warren Buffet-signed diamond pendant will be available only at the CenturyLink Center during Saturday's annual meeting.

The Warren Buffet-signed diamond pendant will be available only at the CenturyLink Center during Saturday’s annual meeting.

They neglected to mention a big one; our Warren Buffett signed diamond pendant necklaces at our Borsheims booth.

These are limited, so act fast if you want one. They are 1/2 carat diamond pendants and Warren’s signature is laser-inscribed on the girdle of the diamonds. We have 26 and are selling them for $1,750 (a discount off the retail price of $2,500 for a diamond pendant of this size and quality).

Our booth opens at 7am. See you then!

Most Expensive Items at Borsheims? Huge Diamonds!

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, like their leader Warren Buffett, sometimes get the reputation of being frugal.

We have cases and cases full of jewelry, watches and gifts that will fit in a frugal shopper’s budget.

But we figure there are some shareholders who have enough BRKA shares that they can afford some of the most expensive items we have at Borsheims for Berkshire Hathaway weekend. (And the rest of us enjoy looking at them, too!)

In no particular order, I present some of our luxury jewelry currently in store:

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring available for $4 million at Borsheims.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring available for $4 million at Borsheims.

This might be the most expensive piece in store this weekend. At $4 million, it’s a pretty good sized diamond ring. 15 carats to be exact.


Art Deco Earrings

Kerry Washington

See why these earrings are so cool? Fred Leighton brought these estate art deco diamond earrings to Borsheims. Kerry Washington only borrowed them, but you can take them home for a cool $55,000.

Fred Leighton Victorian Era Necklace $120,000If you want the most bang for your buck, get a necklace that can also double as a tiara. Another piece from Fred Leighton, but this time it is from the Victorian Era. Seriously, you can wear it as a tiara or a necklace. That makes the $120,000 price tag a little more appealing, doesn’t it?


Yellow Diamond Ring

Let’s return to the big diamonds. How about a 40 carat yellow? $2.8 million sound about right?

RahaminovIf yellow isn’t your color, try this one out. It’s a 20+ carat diamond for $2.9 million.

Tara Triple Strand

If pearls are more your thing, this triple strand from Tara will make you swoon. The natural colored pearls are set in platinum for $369,000.

Here is the most amazing part, shareholders. The prices I listed are retail prices. You will get the Borsheims price AND THEN the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder discount on top of that. Imagine how much money you’ll be $aving by shopping at Borsheims!

For a more in-depth look at additional luxury jewelry pieces, check out our Flickr slideshow here.

New App Has Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Guide

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

I haven’t downloaded it myself, since I am usually surrounded by at least a dozen Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Weekend guides, but there is a new app Berkshire Hathaway shareholders might want to check out.

It’s called the 2014 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Guide (in the app store). We found out about it on, and they said they only produced one for Apple products this year.

According to the website, here’s what you can find on the app:

All Meeting information in one, digital place

  • Meeting and event schedule
  • Digital copy of the Meeting Guide
  • Call a Cab (in one tap) – no need to remember numbers.  The pain of waiting for cabs is outlined here.
  • Profiles of Subsidiaries – price paid, dates purchased, and profiles of several companies.
  • Profiles of Managers – Currently a small list, but this will grow throughout the weekend
  • Links to the Letters to Shareholders from 1977 -2013
It looks pretty cool. I am a big fan of the call a cab button and the profiles of the managers (we would point the folks to this story to complete their Karen Goracke profile).


Again, I cannot tell you personally how it works, but for $1.99 I think it will be a worthwhile option for many of our shareholders.

So you want to buy jewelry from Warren Buffett…

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

For the fourth year in a row, some lucky shareholders will be able to purchase jewelry and watches from Warren Buffett at Borsheims during Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholders meeting.

I’m sure you are eager to know how you – yes YOU! – buy jewelry from Warren Buffett!

Here are my suggestions to help you get a buying time with the big guy:

-       Get in touch with a salesperson at Borsheims to select your purchase ahead of time. We are open at 10am all week (9am on Berkshire Sunday).

-       Tell the salesperson you would be interested in having your purchase finalized by Mr. Buffett.

-       It may help to tell the salesperson if the item you are purchasing is for an extra special occasion.

-       There is no minimum purchase to buy from Mr. Buffett, but we do want to help him reach his sales goal quickly so he can get to his next shareholder event. That means we will have to give priority to larger purchases.

-       If we can get you in with Mr. Buffett, we will.

We plan to have Mr. Buffett selling at Borsheims from around 1pm Sunday afternoon until 3pm or so. Even if you cannot get one of the very coveted appointments to buy from him, you are welcome to come and watch him work his “Crazy Warren” magic. It’s always quite a sight!

Want a little more incentive? Here’s some video of him selling last year. It was so fun!