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Best Signature on your Pearls? Warren Buffett’s of course!

Friday, May 5th, 2017

For Warren Buffett fans, there’s no signature you’d rather have on your pearl strand. Borsheims this year is offering a very exclusive and limited number of pearl strand necklaces featuring Warren Buffett’s signature on the clasp of the pearls.

The signature on the clasp is adorned with diamonds and on featured on either white, yellow, or rose gold. Some strands are multicolored and some are white.



We expect these pearl strands featuring Mr. Buffett’s signature to sell quickly – similar to our diamonds signed by Warren Buffett. The pearls come from one of our favorite pearl vendors, TARA & Sons. Each year, they bring in the most exquisite pearls available in the world to show Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Now, they’ve collected the finest pearl strands and combined it with Warren Buffett’s signature to create what will be a best-seller for the weekend.

Warren Buffett’s signature on the pearl strand clasp is a bit easier to see than the signature on the diamonds (it’s inscribed inside the diamond – you need a loupe to view it) so this is a great opportunity for those shareholders who like to more visibly show their affection for Mr. Buffett.

Whether or not you’re in the market for a pearl strand with Warren Buffett’s signature, stop into Borsheims to check them out. They’re truly one-of-a-kind and only available at Borsheims this weekend.

And if you want to learn more about the diamonds, click here for additional information.

Plan Now if you want Warren Buffett Signed Diamond

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

The response to our Warren Buffett signed diamonds has been incredible.

(Just as we were hoping it would be!)WEB Signature Inscription

We have taken dozens of calls at Borsheims today and wanted to answer a few questions for you here, too.

We have about two dozen of the Warren Buffett signed loose diamonds at Borsheims now. You can buy them in the store or over the phone. They range from 3/4 carat to 5 carats, in round and square cuts, and are priced from $5,000 to $200,000+. A few of these stones have already been purchased since yesterday.

The Warren Buffet-signed diamond pendant will be available only at the CenturyLink Center during Saturday's annual meeting.

The Warren Buffet-signed diamond pendant will be available only at the CenturyLink Center during Saturday’s annual meeting.


The other group of Warren Buffett signed diamonds have already been set into diamond pendants. The 25 pendants will be for sale ONLY at the Borsheims Booth at the CenturyLink Center during Saturday’s annual shareholders meeting. Again – ONLY at the CenturyLink Center and ONLY on Saturday. They are 1/2 carat each and will sell to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders for $1,750.

These are limited edition items, and we do expect them to sell out.

So if you want a loose stone, you should probably call Borsheims now and talk to a salesperson about it. The toll-free number is (800)642-GIFT.

If you want one of the diamond pendants, get to the CenturyLink Center bright and early Saturday morning. They will go fast!