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Sunday Funday at Borsheims!

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

Good morning shareholders!

Are you exhausted yet from your weekend of Berkshire Hathaway fun?

I hope not, because we have one more day of craziness in store. Although it is, admittedly, less crazy than both Friday and Saturday.

In fact, Sunday might be our favorite day at Borsheims. It’s somewhat relaxed, very entertaining, and the big guy himself visits us!

Warren Buffett is scheduled to stop by around 1pm today to play table tennis against Ariel Hsing.

Ariel Hsing plays Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

Olympian Ariel Hsing plays Warren Buffett and Bill Gates in Table Tennis at the 2012 Shareholders Meeting

Usually Mr. Buffett brings his dear friend, Bill Gates. And a prop or two, because Ariel Hsing is an Olympic table tennis player.

Mr. Buffett then sometimes sits down for a few hands of bridge. With Mr. Gates as well.

Gates and Buffett play bridge

In the past years, Mr. Buffett has played salesman at Borsheims but he is now officially retired from that gig. He’ll be impossible to replace, but he certainly went out on top last year when he helped a young man propose to his girlfriend.

In addition to the Buffett-viewing, we have food and drinks (from 9am to 4pm) to nourish you, a magician to dazzle you and a performer in the tent to entertain you. Oh – and thousands of pieces of jewelry, watches and gifts to sell you!

See you soon!

Berkshire Hathaway Weekend Entertainment

Monday, April 1st, 2013

We are thrilled to announce the entertainment for Berkshire Hathaway weekend at Borsheims.

The party in the tent gets a little packed!

As you may remember from past Berkshire Hathaway shareholder weekends, we throw one heck of a great party at Borsheims.

The Friday night shareholder-only cocktail party is a great time for shareholders to shop for jewelry, reunite with other shareholders traveling to Omaha from across the globe, or dance like crazy in our giant tent in the parking lot of Regency Court.

This year, we are pleased to announce that Omaha band Finest Hour will be our band for the Friday night cocktail party. Finest Hour touts themselves at the premier cover/dance/party band in Omaha. We can back that up – they are always very fun and should provide music that shareholders of all stripes can love.

On Sunday, the vibe is a bit more mellow. Sunday’s shareholder-only shopping day at Borsheims features a brunch, chess and magicians, billionaires playing bridge and Warren Buffett selling jewelry. The Potash Twins have entertained our shareholders for years and this year will be no exception. Ezra and Adeev Potash hail from Omaha but are making a big name for themselves in the world of jazz, funk and hip-hop. They are flying in from New York City to perform for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.

We can’t wait for you to join us for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend in Omaha, May 3rd through May 5th. It’s coming soon!

Warren Buffett to sell jewelry at Borsheims TODAY!

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Do you have your wallets and purses ready, shareholders? Warren Buffett is probably doing some of his pre-sales training right now to prepare for this afternoon at Borsheims.

Warren Buffett has told Berkshire Hathaway shareholders that he’ll be at Borsheims around 1pm to sell to shareholders. I’m sure he would sell you anything, but I am also sure that he’d prefer to sell you something really expensive! He does want to prove he’s a “hot-shot salesman.”

So how can you be one of the lucky few who will get to buy from the big guy himself? Good question.

All we know is that he’ll be in Borsheims sometime around 1pm. So if you’re in the store and actively shopping, there’s a good chance he may show up and be your salesman.

If you’re not at Borsheims today, check back here all day for updates, pictures and video of Warren’s big day on the sales floor!