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We’re Going on a Jewelry Tour at Borsheims!

Friday, May 5th, 2017

You’ve never seen jewelry cases as packed as we have them at Borsheims during Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend. As we walked around the store, we compared the cases (and the store) to a super-crowded street market, but only with high-end jewelry, watches and gifts.

Whether or not you plan to buy – and whether or not you’re a shareholder- all fans of jewelry should stop into Borsheims in the next few days to check out the amazing pieces brought in specifically for this weekend.

Here’s a tour of a few pieces that caught my eye during a quick walk around the store. Start your tour in the Luxe Salon – the circular area in the center of the store. It’s full of our most exquisite pieces and you could honestly spend all day there looking at jewelry that is rare enough to be found in museums.

Check out the Warren Buffett signed diamonds first. They’re on your right and are limited edition. They sell fast every year, so if you want one, sit down and buy one right away. They’re usually gone by Sunday!

Directly across from the Warren Buffett signed diamonds are the Warren Buffett signed pearl strands!

We told you earlier today about the one-of-a-kind pearl strands from TARA & Sons featuring Warren Buffet’s signature on the clasp. They’re even more incredible in person. This strand is very long featuring multi-colored pearls. The clasp is gorgeous in itself – covered in diamonds and Mr. Buffett’s signature. They are definitely worth a peek yourself.

While you’re checking out the pearls with Warren Buffett’s signature, you an go ahead and give this pearl and amethyst cuff a glance. It’s really three-dimensional and set in 18k rose gold, which gives it a lot of warmth.

While you’re wandering around the Luxe Salon, head over to the Kalahari Dream Diamond collection, where each diamond is mined in the Kalahari Desert region of southern Africa. The sales of these diamonds are earmarked to build a well in a village in Botswana that doesn’t have access to clean water. Beyond the feeling of doing good that you’ll get from buying these diamonds, you’ll also get an incredible set of diamond jewelry! The necklace features nearly 11 carats of diamonds and retails for $165,000. The earrings are diamond studs with a removable jacket totaling more than 9 carats and retailing for $95,000.

Keep going around the Luxe Salon circle and you’ll run into a few cases from Rahaminov. Each piece there is more amazing than the last. The true showstopper this year might be this 30 carat oval diamond ring! Watch how it scintillates as it moves!

Once you’re done there, pick your jaw back up off the floor and exit the Luxe Salon and you’ll walk straight into a case full of diamonds in every color of the rainbow – courtesy our friends at JB Star.

We have fancy intense blue, fancy pink, fancy intense green and on and on and on.

These range from $2.5 to $4 million each. They’re phenomenal.

Take a right from JB Star and you’ll see a big section of our cases devoted to Roberto Coin. Always a favorite our Borsheims shoppers, my personal favorite Roberto Coin piece this year is this rooster ring, celebrating the year of the rooster!

How fun is this! He’s #1 of 25 total in the world. I’ve never had a rooster made solely out of sapphires set in 18k white gold. Why not now? For the price of $14,500 retail, it can be yours.

Walk around the next island to find the Mattia Cielo collection which is full of movement due to the titanium wire used in each piece.

It bends and moves and is very light and super cool. Check their ring out, too!

Those bands move back and forth, drawing attention to the gorgeous diamonds underneath.

You’d really be missing out if you didn’t wander on over to our watch section, especially to the Cartier counter. This Reves de Panthere has nearly 600 diamonds and is a WOW piece! Take it home with you for a cool $166,000.

That’s all the tour I could get in within an hour, but I’m sure you can see just as much or more. There’s plenty in here to view!

And remember to bring your shareholder pass so you can get a discount on all these fabulous pieces!

It’s #WowzerWednesday at Borsheims (Emphasis on WOW!)

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Every week is a pretty great week to work at Borsheims.

But this week probably takes the cake.

Look what’s landing at the store!

Rahaminov Cuff Rahaminov Cartier Rahaminov Pink melee

The above #WowzerWednesday items are coming to Borsheims from one of our favorite long-time vendors, Rahaminov Diamonds. They’re also responsible for the 50 carat yellow diamond ring we showed you earlier!

Another favorite is TARA Pearls, who assembled this incredible strand of pearls.

TARA Pearls

This pearl strand took five years to make, collecting natural rare conch pearls piece by piece in rounds and semi-rounds. It’s an extremely rare piece and has a price tag to match – $1 million! That makes me say ‘wow’!

Beyond those stunning pieces, there are several that are just downright fun.

Roberto Coin is coming in with an animal theme this year!

Hedgehog Arabian_Horse_Limited Ed


I think the hedgehog might be my favorite!

If you love jewelry, there’s no better place to be this week than at Borsheims!

Taking the Stars & Stripes Theme to Heart

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Some of our vendors at Borsheims seem to be taking the Berkshire Hathaway issued Stars and Stripes theme to heart.

First we had the giant eagle outside of Borsheims, by Omaha artist Matthew Placzek.

Now we have an eagle inside the store! Roberto Coin Eagle RingThis one is small enough you can wear it on your finger. It’s from jewelry designer Roberto Coin. Only 10 were made and we are happy to have one here in Omaha this weekend. It retails for $29,000 (and you know Berkshire shareholders get a discount!).

As with all Roberto Coin jewelry, there is a ruby hidden inside it. Rubies are believed to bring health and happiness to the wearer.

New Additions for Berkshire Hathaway weekend shoppers

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

We love to stay fresh here at Borsheims and Berkshire Hathaway weekend guests will notice two new areas in Borsheims since last year… a Roberto Coin boutique and a Swarovski boutique.

The Roberto Coin area has been completed for a few months now and we love how it turned out.










The other area is still under construction, but is scheduled to open this week. It is a Swarovski boutique, open within our Gift Gallery. It will include an expanded selection of Swarovski crystal objects and home accessories, and a huge selection of Swarovski’s fashion jewelry. The jewelry is known for its high quality and affordability. Here’s a sneak peek of the construction. I’ll update with finished photos when we’re all done!

Roberto Coin: The Ruby Tradition

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Hello Weekenders,

Roberto Coin Jewelry CaseEvery year at Borsheims we welcome many of our jewelry designers and vendors to visit the store during the Berkshire Weekend. That way, as a shareholder, you have the chance to meet and chat with some of the best jewelry designers in the world. Each of these special vendors brings along thousands of exquisite pieces that will be on display exclusively during the Berkshire Shareholder’s Weekend.

I take a lot of photos of these stunning, special pieces and I will be sharing them this year in a series of posts highlighting different jewelry vendors that have come to the 2010 shareholder’s meeting. In this post, I wanted to share some photos of the Roberto Coin collection that has come to Borsheims for this year’s Berkshire Meeting. Roberto Coin always one of the most popular brands during the Berkshire Weekend and they have pulled out all the stops this year. They brought more than 4,500 special pieces into town just for the shareholder’s weekend. They have brought many couture pieces and many one-of-a-kind pieces. Roberto Coin Rings

I was lucky to talk with a few of the Roberto Coin vendors during their setup on Thursday and they shared a very One-of-a-kind Scorpion Braceletinteresting fact with me. Since 1998 all Roberto Coin collections have carried a special mark, the ruby. All these collections include rubies in their pieces. Rubies have held a special place in the lore of many ancient cultures. For example, the Egyptians believed that wearing a ruby near the skin promoted a long, healthy and happy life. In carrying on with tradition, Roberto Coin includes a ruby in each piece as a secret gift to every woman who chooses from his collections.

To see a lot more Roberto Coin jewels, drop by Borsheims this weekend or visit our Roberto Coin photo set on Flickr.

Best Wishes,

Bill, the blogger

Beverly Talks Berkshire

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Hello Weekenders,

I had the pleasure of speaking with a Berkshire Hathaway weekend veteran, Beverly, yesterday at Borsheims. She works in the ladies jewelry department and filled me in on a few industry trends that are really hot this year and what shoppers can expect when they come to Borsheims. I shot a quick interview with her that I want to share with you.

And some new, fun trends Beverly mentioned are in yellow gold, in & out hoops, stacking bangles, and South Sea Pearls. All of which, will be available at Borsheims this weekend.

Berkshire Hathaway weekend also brings jewelry designer and reps from all over the world to Omaha. In the video above Beverly discusses a few of her favorite jewelry vendors that will be coming to Borsheims this weekend. They are: Judith Leiber, Roberto Coin, JBStar, Marika, and Raymond Hak.

See you at Borsheims!

Bill, the blogger