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So you want to eat a steak…

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Mark this one as the 3rd most frequently asked question at our shareholder information booth at Borsheims.

“Where can I get a good steak in Omaha?”

Everyone knows about Gorat’s – since that’s Warren Buffett’s favorite steak house – but it’s usually totally booked during Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend.

I usually ask shareholders a few questions about what type of experience they’re looking for. A traditional old Omaha steakhouse experience where you get pasta and baked potato as a side dish? A more updated experience? A quicker place or a more expensive sit-down place? There are so many great options and I love to talk about food.

(Here’s our list of restaurants by area of city. And here’s a past post discussing food. Here’s another. And now I’m hungry.)

Our fantastic local food critic at the Omaha World Herald must get the same question because she put out a list of steakhouses and hot new restaurants for shareholders. Click here to read her list.

And while it’s not a steakhouse, her list does mention Block 16 which is a MUST VISIT when I talk to out-of-towners. Delicious, affordable, and innovative. One of my personal favorites!

See the proposal from #BRK50’s Annual Meeting Movie

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

I adore the annual meeting movie that Warren Buffett’s office and the amazing crew at Mason Video put together each year. This year was no exception. From the Geico camel kicking it off to the musical salute to managers at the end, it’s always perfection.

One of the most touching parts this year was the video of Warren Buffett helping Eric LaFante propose to his girlfriend, Carrie Fischer. You should probably see it again. With a tissue handy if you’re the sentimental type.

Isn’t that awesome? I love love.

The Omaha World Herald caught up with Eric and Carrie for a follow-up article this weekend. You can read all about how they met and how the proposal came about.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Eric and Carrie! We wish them all the best for their upcoming wedding this summer and for a long, blissful marriage.

#TBT Omaha to Host 25,000 Meatballs (Next) Weekend

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

foodOne of my favorite stories out of last year’s Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend was done by the Omaha World Herald’s food writer, Sarah Baker Hansen.

She met with our caterer, Hap Abraham Catering, to see what goes into feeding all the shareholders at both the Friday night cocktail party and the Sunday shareholder-only brunch and shopping day.


The headline was great: Omaha will temporarily host 25,000 meatballs this weekend.

The story was even greater! She had great stats like these:

25,000 meatballs

2,000 lbs.of chicken cut into pieces

9,000 squares of quiche

600 lbs. of polish sausage

2,000 lbs. of roast beef for sandwiches served on

15,000 cocktail buns (that translates to 100 rounds of beef)

1,000 lbs. of fresh fruit

800 lbs. of fresh vegetables to be dipped in

300 lbs. of ranch dip

1,000 lbs. of cheese to be served on 28 cases of crackers

Those are pretty impressive numbers. And that was for last year’s shareholders meeting! Imagine how much we’re gearing up for this year, with several thousand additional shareholders expected for the weekend!

Click here to read the great story from last year and to whet your appetite for this year’s great Buffett buffet!

It’s Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Letter Week!

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

I’m sure it’s on your calendars, devoted Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. This Saturday is the big day. Warren Buffett is releasing his annual letter to shareholders and this year, as we blogged about, it’s a 3-for-1 deal!

The letter is usually released around 7am CST.

We will be awake – reading it and blogging about it bright and early on Saturday. We read it for amusement, insight into the annual meeting and any life lessons from Warren Buffett (and this year, from Charlie Munger, too).

We will also provide you with links to several people who actually analyze what it says in terms of your investment. That’s not our specialty, but we know several journalists who make it their focus.

Speaking of journalists, one of our favorite go-to sources for all things Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway and the annual shareholders meeting is Steve Jordan with the Omaha World-Herald. Steve has been covering Warren for years and does a weekly column called Warren Watch. He frequently breaks big scoops there, but just as often provides us with little fun tidbits that help even us on the inside to navigate the annual meeting.

In yesterday’s column, he talked about all the AirBNB is doing to recruit more people to open their homes to shareholders for this year’s annual meeting. Read it and make sure to subscribe to his updates so you don’t miss a thing.

See you all bright and early Saturday morning! We expect lots of wit and wisdom, as always!


Buffett Expects Record Crowds for “Golden Jubilee” Meeting

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

I’m sure you’re planning to attend this year’s annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting. After all, it’s the Golden Jubilee! That means we’re celebrating 50 years of Berkshire Hathaway as an investment company, 50 years with Warren Buffett as Chairman and CEO, and 50 years of shareholders.

And if you’re planning to attend, you’ll be joining quite the crowd! Warren Buffett told the Omaha World Herald that he’s expecting more than 40,000 shareholders to attend the annual meeting, this year held May 1, 2, and 3. Mr. Buffett is talking about the crowds early, hoping to have Omahans open their homes to shareholders via airbnb or other options.

The reporter, long-time Warren Buffett beat reporter Steve Jordan, found several hotel rooms in the area with vacancies, as well as several dozen options on airbnb. But if you’re planning to come, act now!

Book your airfare, book your hotel room, and start thinking restaurant reservations. We would hate to have you miss the Golden Jubilee! We’re planning quite a party!

See you in 3.5 months!

Update: Warren Buffett-signed Diamonds Nearly Sold Out

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

UPDATE: We have only 6 loose stones left. If you want a Warren Buffett signed diamond, act fast!

Two hours.

That’s all the time it took for us to sell through our supply of 25 Warren Buffett-signed diamond pendant necklaces this morning at the CenturyLink Center during the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting.

Those shareholders who bought them got a steal. The 1/2 carat diamond pendants would retail for $2500 even without Warren Buffett’s signature. But since Warren wants us to give shareholders great deals, we reduced the price to $1,750. They sold fast! They were gone by 9am!

WEB Signature InscriptionWe do have a few of the loose diamonds for sale still at Borsheims store, although not many! We sold the first two early last week, as soon as people found out about the diamonds. We’ve sold many more since. With only 26 of the loose stones total, you probably want to stake your claim to your diamond early Sunday morning (we open at 9am).

We weren’t the only Berkshire Hathaway company selling out of things at the CenturyLink Center. Take a look at this story from the Omaha World Herald on all the buying that was happening during the annual meeting.

We are so glad our shareholders come to support us by shopping and we are happy to give them great deals!

OWH: Borsheims CEO Sees Berkshire Weekend From New Vantage Point

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Did I tell you we have a new CEO at Borsheims?

Karen Goracke Photo

New to the role of CEO, but certainly not new to Borsheims. Karen Goracke (gohr-ACK-ee) has been with Borsheims in nearly every role in the store since starting here in the late 80s. She has worked in the shipping, gift wrap and customer service departments. She bought watches, jewelry, and eventually was in charge of buying for the entire store before Warren Buffett chose her to lead Borsheims late last year.

She officially took over on January 1, 2014. So this is her first Berkshire “steering the ship” that is Borsheims.

The Omaha World Herald included a lovely profile of Karen in today’s Berkshire Hathaway special section. Read it to get a better idea of why we love Karen and why we love Borsheims so much.

And if you see Karen this weekend, make sure to say hello and welcome her to her new role! She has big shoes to fill but we know she’s the right woman for the job!

What to Buy at Berkyville During today’s Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

We know some shareholders come to listen to every word Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger say during the annual meeting.

We also know a lot of others who take Warren and Charlie’s advice and go shop the Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries during portions of the meeting.

I checked out the exhibitor hall yesterday. The baseball theme is really carried out well!

The Omaha World Herald has a great guide of several of the different products you can buy today, from a baseball pennant that benefits a local charity to Brooks running shoes.

The Warren Buffet-signed diamond pendant will be available only at the CenturyLink Center during Saturday's annual meeting.

The Warren Buffet-signed diamond pendant will be available only at the CenturyLink Center during Saturday’s annual meeting.

They neglected to mention a big one; our Warren Buffett signed diamond pendant necklaces at our Borsheims booth.

These are limited, so act fast if you want one. They are 1/2 carat diamond pendants and Warren’s signature is laser-inscribed on the girdle of the diamonds. We have 26 and are selling them for $1,750 (a discount off the retail price of $2,500 for a diamond pendant of this size and quality).

Our booth opens at 7am. See you then!

Caterer prepares 25,000 meatballs for the “Biggest Cocktail Party in Nebraska”

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

For years, we have used Abraham catering to provide the food at Borsheims during the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend cocktail party and the Sunday shareholder brunch.

They are one of the only caterers around who can handle this big of a crowd, and they always do a fabulous job.

In this morning’s Omaha World Herald, you can read all about Abraham catering prepares for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend.

It’s a fun story. One filled with food and statistics (I love both things!). Here’s a sampling from writer Sarah Baker Hansen:
“By the time Major and his staff arrive at Borshiems today they will have prepped 2,000 pounds of roast beef — cooked from 100 rounds of meat from Omaha Steaks — to be sliced to-order and served as sandwiches on 15,000 cocktail buns. They’ll bring 1,000 pounds of prettily arranged fresh fruit along with 800 pounds of fresh vegetables to be dipped in 300 pounds of Ranch dressing. One thousand pounds of cheese will be paired with 28 cases of crackers.” – Omaha World Herald
You want to know the truth? I have never eaten the food – we are too busy to eat at Borsheims. But all the shareholders report back that it is delicious. And the fact that there is basically no food left over by the end of both parties confirms that.

Thanks to the Omaha World Herald for such a great profile of Abraham catering!

Some of the local tv crews were in yesterday, too, to see what we have for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders to buy and take home with them.

The local CBS affiliate, KMTV, checked out some of our big rings.

The local NBC affiliate, WOWT, previewed the weekend with a story about our Warren Buffett signed diamonds. They also had a fun look at all the private airplanes coming into town and some shareholders finding a place to stay through airbnb.

As these local news stories confirm – we are ready for you, shareholders!

Want a behind-the-scenes look at Berkshire Weekend Preparations?

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

If you’ve stepped into Borsheims, Nebraska Furniture Mart, or several other Omaha businesses in the past week, you’ve noticed it.

It’s a busy hum.

It’s a palpable sense of excitement.

It’s an eagerness for next week to go ahead and get here already!

It’s the week leading up to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend, and things are getting a little crazy around Omaha.

After all, it takes some work to prepare for 35,000+ of your favorite friends to come visit you.

The Omaha World Herald wrote about what it takes to get ready for the weekend in today’s paper.

Some of my favorite parts:

– Gorats finding a place for 1500 pounds of steak.

– How much root beer Piccolos goes through during Berkshire weekend.

– Nebraska Furniture Mart drilling hundreds of holes in their parking lot to hold the tents.

– And a sneak peek at what is bound to be the hot seller at Borsheims this year, a Warren Buffet signed diamond!!!

We are counting down the hours at this point and we cannot wait. In fact, this time next week, Warren Buffett will be selling diamonds and other jewelry at Borsheims to a few dozen very lucky shareholders.


We’ll have lots of information for you on the blog this week, so stay tuned.

And if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Just leave a comment and I will get right back to you.