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The Nebraska Furniture Mart BBQ

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

A lot of you wonderful Berkshire Hathaway shareholders came to see me at the information booth last night at Borsheims cocktail party.

Thanks for saying ‘hi’!

The question I was asked most frequently was about tonight’s barbeque at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

You wanted to know where it is (the parking lot at Nebraska Furniture Mart).

You wanted to know how to get tickets (at the door, for $5).

And you were worried it would sell out early (they usually have plenty of pulled pork sandwiches, but get there when it starts at 5:30 and you shouldn’t have a problem).

All the details we have are available in our Berkshire Hathaway shareholders guide, available on the right hand side of this page or by clicking here.

Berkshire Hathaway Discount Starts TODAY at Borsheims

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Welcome to the kick-off of Berkshire Hathaway week! At Borsheims, the fun starts today as the discount period kicks in for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.

The discount – which varies depending on the item purchased, but is the best discount we offer at Borsheims – starts today and runs through next Saturday, May 11th.

The discount at Nebraska Furniture Mart starts tomorrow, Tuesday, April 30th and runs through Monday, May 6th.

Bring in your shareholder credentials and we’ll be happy to show you how much you can save on jewelry, gifts and timepieces!

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders: Ready, Set, Shop!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Your discount starts… now!

At least at Borsheims it does! Berkshire Hathaway shareholders can get special Berkshire pricing on almost everything in our store from now (Monday, April 30) through next Saturday, May 12. Just bring your shareholder credential in with you and show it to your salesperson to get your special pricing.

The shareholder credential will also get you discounts at Nebraska Furniture Mart (Omaha location only). Their discount period begins tomorrow (Tuesday, May 1) and runs through Monday, May 7.

It’s a great time of year to buy in Omaha!

Make your Restaurant Reservations for Berkshire Hathaway weekend

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

I’m sure by this point, out-of-towners have already booked their flights and hotels. Everyone should now focus their attention to making restaurant reservations for the weekend. With more than 35,000 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders here for the weekend, the restaurant scene can be a little packed.

We are a great resource for that! Check out our restaurants section on our website… under Around Omaha or by clicking here.

We categorized the restaurants by cuisine and location in town.

Of course, you should plan on eating at Borsheims during our Friday shareholder cocktail party and Sunday’s shareholder-only brunch. They are free to all shareholders.

Nebraska Furniture Mart offers a barbeque for shareholders on Saturday for a $5 fee.

One of Warren Buffett’s favorite steakhouses, Gorat’s, has a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder-only day on Sunday. The opened for reservations on April 1, so they may already be booked. You can try them at 402-551-3733.

One of Warren’s other favorite steakhouses, Piccolo’s, is taking reservations as well. Their number is 402-342-9038.

Happy eating!

Want Berkshire Hathaway discounts all year?

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

With Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend about to wrap up (Borsheims closes at 4 today), we realize you may want to do even more shopping. Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution!

The Borsheims Berkshire Hathaway gift card is a new product this year. You can purchase one in any denomination and it will allow the user of the gift card to receive Berkshire Hathaway shareholder pricing no matter when they use it.

What a great gift! And the recipient doesn’t even have to be a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder to receive the discount.

So come in and buy a gift card, and remember that the regular discount period runs through Saturday, May 7, at Borsheims and ends Monday, May 2, at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Picnic

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

There seemed to be as many people picnicking as shopping at Nebraska Furniture Mart tonight – and that means huge crowds! The food smelled delicious and the shareholders seemed to be enjoying the cooperative Nebraska weather. What a gorgeous day and a great crowd!

Pre-Berkshire Hathaway weekend interview with Warren Buffett

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Liz Claman and the crew from Fox Business always seem to know where to find Warren Buffett, and they managed to catch up with him yesterday (Thursday) for a few comments before the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders’ weekend kicks off.

Among the highlights:

- sales at Nebraska Furniture Mart were up 11% on Tuesday and Wednesday this week (compared to the Tuesday and Wednesday before last year’s meeting)

- one of Warren Buffett’s lawyers will have to wrestle Mr. Buffett to the ground to keep him from answering questions

- the majority of Berkshire Hathaway businesses are doing much better.

Watch the entire interview between Liz Claman and Warren Buffett here.