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So you want to eat a steak…

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Mark this one as the 3rd most frequently asked question at our shareholder information booth at Borsheims.

“Where can I get a good steak in Omaha?”

Everyone knows about Gorat’s – since that’s Warren Buffett’s favorite steak house – but it’s usually totally booked during Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend.

I usually ask shareholders a few questions about what type of experience they’re looking for. A traditional old Omaha steakhouse experience where you get pasta and baked potato as a side dish? A more updated experience? A quicker place or a more expensive sit-down place? There are so many great options and I love to talk about food.

(Here’s our list of restaurants by area of city. And here’s a past post discussing food. Here’s another. And now I’m hungry.)

Our fantastic local food critic at the Omaha World Herald must get the same question because she put out a list of steakhouses and hot new restaurants for shareholders. Click here to read her list.

And while it’s not a steakhouse, her list does mention Block 16 which is a MUST VISIT when I talk to out-of-towners. Delicious, affordable, and innovative. One of my personal favorites!

#TBT Omaha to Host 25,000 Meatballs (Next) Weekend

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

foodOne of my favorite stories out of last year’s Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend was done by the Omaha World Herald’s food writer, Sarah Baker Hansen.

She met with our caterer, Hap Abraham Catering, to see what goes into feeding all the shareholders at both the Friday night cocktail party and the Sunday shareholder-only brunch and shopping day.


The headline was great: Omaha will temporarily host 25,000 meatballs this weekend.

The story was even greater! She had great stats like these:

25,000 meatballs

2,000 lbs.of chicken cut into pieces

9,000 squares of quiche

600 lbs. of polish sausage

2,000 lbs. of roast beef for sandwiches served on

15,000 cocktail buns (that translates to 100 rounds of beef)

1,000 lbs. of fresh fruit

800 lbs. of fresh vegetables to be dipped in

300 lbs. of ranch dip

1,000 lbs. of cheese to be served on 28 cases of crackers

Those are pretty impressive numbers. And that was for last year’s shareholders meeting! Imagine how much we’re gearing up for this year, with several thousand additional shareholders expected for the weekend!

Click here to read the great story from last year and to whet your appetite for this year’s great Buffett buffet!

Omaha a “Great City for Food Lovers” says Wall Street Journal

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Berkshire Hathaway shareholders who spend any time eating at restaurants in Omaha can attest to what the Wall Street Journal announced today – Omaha is a great city for food lovers!

In an article searching for great restaurants in small cities, Omaha was selected as one of the six best. In the company of San Antonio, Columbus, Sacramento, Raleigh-Durham and Spokane, Omaha was listed as having great food in six vital contemporary restaurant genres.


An Omaha teen snaps a selfie in July 2014 while Warren Buffett and Paul McCartney enjoy ice cream in the Dundee neighborhood of Omaha.

Among the Wall Street Journal’s picks for Omaha are a few that the Buffett family has been known to frequent. Dario Schicke’s two Dundee restaurants (Dario’s Brasserie and Avoli Osteria) are both delicious, innovative, and a place you can occasionally catch a glimpse of Warren Buffett or Susie Buffett.  Sometimes, they dine there with famous friends… like Paul McCartney, and then go for ice cream down the street!

If you want a definite dining experience with Warren Buffett, Wednesday, April 1, is the day to act! That’s the first chance shareholders have to get reservations at Gorat’s during Berkshire Hathaway weekend. Gorat’s steakhouse is a longtime Buffett favorite, and he will eat there on Sunday evening. He says he’ll also eat at Piccolo’s, where he raves about the root beer floats! Here’s the section from Buffett’s letter to shareholders:

Gorat’s and Piccolo’s will again be open exclusively for Berkshire shareholders on Sunday, May 3rd. Both will be serving until 10 p.m., with Gorat’s opening at 1 p.m. and Piccolo’s opening at 4 p.m. These restaurants are my favorites, and I will eat at both of them on Sunday evening. Remember: To make a reservation at Gorat’s, call 402-551-3733 on April 1st (but not before); for Piccolo’s, call 402-346-2865. At Piccolo’s, order a giant root beer float for dessert. Only sissies get the small one.

So make your reservations now – either for one of those steakhouses or for one of our hundreds of other amazing restaurants. We have a partial listing of restaurants here, but if you have a specific restaurant question or request, leave me a comment and I’m happy to provide a personal suggestion. In Omaha, we love food!

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Brunch at Borsheims

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Our caterers are hard at work today preparing your brunch for tomorrow morning.

It is always delicious!

The set up will be the same as it was Friday night for the cocktail party. There will be a buffett line inside Regency Court in the southwest hallway. There will be another buffett in the tent in our parking lot.

And again – because it is a bit chilly this year – our tent is heated and has doors. It was nice and toasty in there on Friday night. I’m sure Sunday morning it will be lovely in there once again.

The food tables and the bar will open at 9am on Sunday. I know several shareholders will come early to stake their place in line, but we usually have plenty of food all the way through the morning and early afternoon.

See you there!

Are Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Hungry?

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

That’s like asking if the sky is blue. Judging by the food we go through at Borsheims during the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders weekend, I’m going with a resounding ‘yes’. And now I’m hungry, too.

That’s because I’ve been updating our page on Where to Eat in Omaha. Spending an hour looking at all the delicious restaurants we have in Omaha has me in the mood for some serious eating. The page needed updating because of a fabulous new development in town, Midtown Crossing. It’s added 7 restaurants in a 4-block area within the past year. And they’re good.

Our established restaurants are great, too! As I was entering the websites of the restaurants, I knew exactly what I would order right now from each of them. Asiago and artichoke dip = Upstream. Mac and cheese = Marks. Twisted Cork Burger = Twisted Cork. Hotel Cali roll = Blue. Chicken Enchilada = Jams. Think I eat out too much?

We divided up the page into steakhouses (of course), Old Market area, and then the rest of the city. That’s usually what out-of-towners want to know. Local shareholders should find the page useful, too… since it has websites, cuisines, and phone numbers of many of the great restaurants in town.

And now I’m headed to raid the kitchen and try to satisfy this hunger! What are you looking forward to eating this year?