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FAQ: Can I get a picture with Warren Buffett?

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

We know that the vast majority of our Berkshire Hathaway shareholders are Warren Buffett groupies who would LOVE to get a selfie with the big guy. In fact, that’s probably the biggest goal of a lot of people who come through Borsheims on Sunday, the shareholder only shopping day when Mr. Buffett stops by to play a little ping pong and bridge.

So the question we get a lot is “How do I get a picture with Warren Buffett?” And unfortunately, I don’t have very good news. It is very difficult during Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend to get a selfie with Warren Buffett. The one I found on Twitter to the left is one from about a month ago.

During Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend, there are about 44,000 shareholders (this year’s number of shareholder passes issued according to local media) who are hoping to get close to Warren Buffett. Because there are so many people, Mr. Buffett has to have extra security around him to protect him from the crowd of well-wishers. Imagine if you were a very spry 86 years old and had 44,000 people wanting to get near you. It would be crazy! And we all want Mr. Buffett alive and well for as long as we can have him, so it’s essential that he be surrounded by security this weekend to keep him safe. Besides, if he started taking selfies with shareholders, when would it stop? It’s all he’d get done all weekend.

So snap away with your cameras while Mr. Buffett is walking through Borsheims today, while he’s playing ping pong, and get an action shot of him playing bridge. But know that’s probably the best you will be able to get this weekend. That and his image on everything from whiskey stones to decorative pillows.