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Peek Into Borsheims Gift Gallery

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Not only does Borsheims bring in incredible jewelry and watches for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend, but we also make sure our gift gallery is stocked with great items.

We have several new vendors you might notice when visiting the gift gallery this weekend. Here are a few highlights:


The wood items are from GG Collection – and are called “contemporary European decor” for the kitchen.


I love this zebra laundry basket – especially for a child’s room. And if you’re from out-of-town, we know how to ship!


We’ve carried Kosta Boda for years, but I’ve never seen lipstick decor quite this large.


Simon Pearce is another favorite vendor. These vases and bowls are incredible pieces of art.

IMG_0731 These quartz votive holders are from Kathryn McCoy. We have them in a wide variety of sizes.

Simon Pearce has a really updated look this year, bringing in the crystalline look.

Don’t forget those amazing Swarovski crystal encrusted animals we talked about the other day, either!

Come in to get a full view of what all we have in store. It’s a packed gift gallery for Berkshire weekend!

Media: Guidelines for Borsheims Events; Sunday Games with Warren Buffett

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Members of the media:

Welcome to Berkshire Hathaway weekend at Borsheims!

We are happy to have you visit our store and attend our shareholder-only events once you have received credentials from Berkshire Hathaway headquarters.

Here are the guidelines to covering the events at Borsheims:


FRIDAY, APRIL 29Shareholder-Only Cocktail Party from 6pm to 9pm
  • Media should check in at the northeast entrance of the parking lot (near Evereve)
  • Just like shareholders, media will need to go through the metal detectors and have their bags checked before being allowed in
  • An additional media and information kiosk is in the center of Regency Court where you can find answers to any questions
  • Media is welcome to cover shareholders both inside and outside of Borsheims, but will need to be escorted due to security restrictions
SUNDAY, MAY 1 – Shareholder-Only Shopping Day from 9am to 4pm
  • Media should check in at the northeast entrance of the parking lot (near Evereve)
  • Just like shareholders, media will need to go through the metal detectors and have their bags checked before being allowed in
  • Media is welcome to talk with shareholders inside and outside of Borsheims, but will need to be escorted due to security restrictions.
  • In his Letter to Shareholders, Warren Buffett says he expects to arrive around 1pm to play bridge with friends and table tennis against Ariel Hsing.
  • We will have media risers set up near bridge and table tennis to accommodate you.
We are thrilled to have you visiting Borsheims this year and would love to answer any questions you may have. This blog has a lot of additional information for you, but feel free to contact us with any media-related questions:

Trisha Meuret: 402.658.0017,

Adrienne Fay: 402.391.0400,

Make Your Restaurant Reservations Now!

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Gorat'sToday is the day! If you’re hoping to get in to eat at Gorat’s on the Sunday or Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders weekend (or any of the other days that weekend), you can call for reservations starting now.

Here’s the line from Warren Buffett’s crew at Berkshire Hathaway headquarters:
One of Warren’s favorite steakhouses will open Sunday for a private shareholder event. Dinner will be served from 1-10pm. To get a reservation, call 402/551-3733 starting on April 1 (but not before). If Gorat’s happens to be booked on Sunday, try them on any other evening you are in town. They are open Monday – Thursday 11am – 9pm, Friday 11am – 10pm and Saturday from 5 – 10pm. Reservations are suggested and can be made any time for Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the shareholders weekend.
We love Gorat’s – as does Mr. Buffett. But we also love a lot of other restaurants in town. And no matter what type of cuisine you’re looking for, it might be a good idea to start making reservations now. We have a great list of area restaurants here. It’s broken down by area of town or cuisine and is a pretty good glimpse of what we have to offer here. I also love to make personal recommendations, so feel free to ask and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Update: Warren Buffett-signed Diamonds Nearly Sold Out

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

UPDATE: We have only 6 loose stones left. If you want a Warren Buffett signed diamond, act fast!

Two hours.

That’s all the time it took for us to sell through our supply of 25 Warren Buffett-signed diamond pendant necklaces this morning at the CenturyLink Center during the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting.

Those shareholders who bought them got a steal. The 1/2 carat diamond pendants would retail for $2500 even without Warren Buffett’s signature. But since Warren wants us to give shareholders great deals, we reduced the price to $1,750. They sold fast! They were gone by 9am!

WEB Signature InscriptionWe do have a few of the loose diamonds for sale still at Borsheims store, although not many! We sold the first two early last week, as soon as people found out about the diamonds. We’ve sold many more since. With only 26 of the loose stones total, you probably want to stake your claim to your diamond early Sunday morning (we open at 9am).

We weren’t the only Berkshire Hathaway company selling out of things at the CenturyLink Center. Take a look at this story from the Omaha World Herald on all the buying that was happening during the annual meeting.

We are so glad our shareholders come to support us by shopping and we are happy to give them great deals!

What to do with the rest of your Saturday, Berkshire Shareholders

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

If you’ve left the question and answer session at the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting, or if you’re waiting a few more hours until the end of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger’s always interesting Q&A session, we have some ideas for the rest of your Saturday.

The official Berkshire Hathaway event schedule suggests checking out the NetJets display at TAC Air across from Eppley Airfield until 4:30pm. A shuttle is available – find out more at the NetJets booth in the CenturyLink Center.

We always suggest shopping at Borsheims. We also have a shuttle that runs from the CenturyLink Center to our store – leaving every 20 minutes through 5pm. Nebraska Furniture Mart has one as well.  It leaves every 45 minutes through 10pm.

Nebraska Furniture Mart is where the Berkshire Hathaway Big League Picnic is held.  They have live entertainment from DJ’s Dugout’s Blazin’ Pianos with food from Famous Dave’s, Domino’s, Sonic or Paradise Bakery & Cafe. Tickets are $5 – you can buy them at the door. The event runs from 5:30-8.

If you are looking for places to eat around town (and I know many of you are – I answered a lot of questions about restaurants last night at our info booth), we have a list of great restaurants and I did a blog post with some suggestions for places to eat. Many of the restaurants will be booked up for the evening, but I’m sure some will still have availability.

The Omaha World Herald compiled a list of free and low-cost options for shareholders for the weekend. From free places to view art to great areas for a walk, the list is full of good suggestions no matter what your budget.

Enjoy your evening but rest up for tomorrow’s final day of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend; when Warren Buffett plays salesman at Borsheims, takes on an Olympian in ping pong and gets a few hands of bridge in with his buddy Bill Gates. You don’t want to miss it!

Fun, Sales-Filled Morning at Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

What a difference a few extra thousand shareholders make! Everything seemed busier this morning at the CenturyLink Center for the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting. It could be because Berkshire Hathaway said to expect 38,000 shareholders this year (up from 35,000). Or maybe it’s because they opened the doors about 15 minutes early. Either way – it was wonderfully crazy!

CenturyLink CrowdsThis was the Borsheims booth at the CenturyLink Center at about 6:45 this morning. We had a pretty good line going all morning long, at one point stretching out into the aisles of the convention center. Good thing our crack sales staff moved the line quickly and efficiently.

The Warren Buffett-signed diamond pendant will be available only at the CenturyLink Center during Saturday's annual meeting.

The Warren Buffett-signed diamond pendant will be available only at the CenturyLink Center during Saturday’s annual meeting.

No surprise – the hot sellers were the Warren Buffett signed diamond pendants. They were a truly great deal. A high-quality half-carat diamond pendant (which would usually retail for $2,500), laser inscribed with Warren Buffett’s signature (which makes it worth a lot more, right!?!). We sold each of our 25 pendants for the shareholder special price of $1,750. They were gone by 9am.

We also sold out of all our our Swarovski earrings and bracelets, our Warren and Charlie USB ports, our Berkshire Hathaway mens watches, and our Berkshire Hathaway keychains. And that was by 10am!

We were so happy to see all our shareholders from around the world and to help them take a piece of Berkshire Hathaway history home with them.

We do have some Berkshire Hathaway memorabilia left at our booth at Borsheims main store in Regency Court. Come visit us there or at the CenturyLink Center this afternoon to pick up your own piece of Berkshire Hathaway and Borsheims.


See a Time Lapse of the Berkshire Hathaway Crowds at Borsheims

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

It was a crazy, crazy day at Borsheims.

From the start of the day with hundreds of people ready and waiting to buy jewelry, to the end of the day cocktail party – this day was fun but definitely nuts! We are exhausted but gearing back up for another big day tomorrow and an even bigger Sunday.

We thought it would be fun to take a look at the Friday crowds just outside of Borsheims through a time lapse video.

Take a look and see if you can spot yourself! Thanks for coming!

New Watch Line at Borsheims Made in Detroit

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

As a former journalist, I love a good back story.

And the folks at Shinola have a great one. You’d have to guess there’d be a great story associated with that name, right?

A few Shinola watches at Borsheims. The watches are made in Detroit.

A few Shinola watches at Borsheims. The watches are made in Detroit.

When the founders of Shinola started their watch company, they knew they wanted to make an all-American product, manufactured in Detroit. During one of their first board meetings, things got a little heated. Apparently one board member said to another “You don’t know $h!t from Shinola,” and they knew immediately that would be the company’s name. Not only because it is a great name, but because it stood for something. Shinola was an old shoe polish company that sent manufacturing overseas. The new Shinola founders loved the idea of reviving the name by bringing the manufacturing back to the US.

You should visit with the representatives from Shinola this weekend at Borsheims. Ask them about how one of their main watchmakers was first a security guard for the building who asked for a job. Or how their manufacturing facility is located inside an educational institution.

And a reminder – we have representatives from each of the watch lines at Borsheims this weekend and they each brought a bunch of additional inventory with them. It’s a great time to find a watch! (see what I did there?)

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders First to Buy Cartier Diver Watch

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Cartier has just released the Calibre de Cartier Diver Watch in the United States. In fact, I am told that most jewelry stores will receive their shipments early next week.

Not Borsheims! Because we have so many of our Berkshire Hathaway shareholder friends coming in this weekend, Cartier made sure to get us some of the much-coveted Diver watches early.

Borsheims is the first store in the US to have the Cartier Diver watch. The watch is water resistant to 300 meters.

Borsheims is the first store in the US to have the Cartier Diver watch. The watch is water resistant to 300 meters.

Which means the two Cartier Diver watches we sold this week went to the first two people in the US to purchase the Cartier Diver watch.

This watch is an authentic diving instrument. It is water resistant to 300 meters, has a rubber strap or a bracelet, a bezel and numbers that glow underwater and a screw down crown. Cartier’s only dive watch is really special and we are so fortunate to have some on hand for our Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. The one pictured above retails for $28,000, but the price varies based on the metal and finish of the watch.

Even if you don’t want to take it home with you, come see it. After all, I’m told Borsheims is the ONLY place in the US where you can get a look at this watch right now.

Most Expensive Items at Borsheims? Huge Diamonds!

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, like their leader Warren Buffett, sometimes get the reputation of being frugal.

We have cases and cases full of jewelry, watches and gifts that will fit in a frugal shopper’s budget.

But we figure there are some shareholders who have enough BRKA shares that they can afford some of the most expensive items we have at Borsheims for Berkshire Hathaway weekend. (And the rest of us enjoy looking at them, too!)

In no particular order, I present some of our luxury jewelry currently in store:

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring available for $4 million at Borsheims.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring available for $4 million at Borsheims.

This might be the most expensive piece in store this weekend. At $4 million, it’s a pretty good sized diamond ring. 15 carats to be exact.


Art Deco Earrings

Kerry Washington

See why these earrings are so cool? Fred Leighton brought these estate art deco diamond earrings to Borsheims. Kerry Washington only borrowed them, but you can take them home for a cool $55,000.

Fred Leighton Victorian Era Necklace $120,000If you want the most bang for your buck, get a necklace that can also double as a tiara. Another piece from Fred Leighton, but this time it is from the Victorian Era. Seriously, you can wear it as a tiara or a necklace. That makes the $120,000 price tag a little more appealing, doesn’t it?


Yellow Diamond Ring

Let’s return to the big diamonds. How about a 40 carat yellow? $2.8 million sound about right?

RahaminovIf yellow isn’t your color, try this one out. It’s a 20+ carat diamond for $2.9 million.

Tara Triple Strand

If pearls are more your thing, this triple strand from Tara will make you swoon. The natural colored pearls are set in platinum for $369,000.

Here is the most amazing part, shareholders. The prices I listed are retail prices. You will get the Borsheims price AND THEN the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder discount on top of that. Imagine how much money you’ll be $aving by shopping at Borsheims!

For a more in-depth look at additional luxury jewelry pieces, check out our Flickr slideshow here.