Answering your Questions about Credentials…

March 21, 2017
I’m getting a lot of questions about how to get your hands on credentials for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend. Let me tackle the most asked-for information:
  • You must have shareholder credentials to attend the weekend’s official events, including the Borsheims cocktail party, Borsheims shareholder-only shopping day, the annual shareholders meeting on Saturday, the Berkyville shopping area in the CenturyLink Center, and to receive the discounts at Borsheims and Nebraska Furniture Mart.
  • You can receive your credentials (up to 4 per shareholder) by filling out a form that came in your annual report from Berkshire Hathaway and mailing that form into Berkshire Hathaway. They’ll then send you your requested credentials in a few weeks.
    • If you didn’t receive an annual report, contact your stockbroker and ask them to send you one.
    • If you still can’t get your hands on an annual report, see the next step.
  • You can get credentials once you arrive in Omaha for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend. On Friday, May 5 from 11am to 6pm and Saturday, May 6 from 7am to 4pm, visit the Shareholder Services kiosk inside the CenturyLink Center. Bring a photo ID and proof of stock ownership (like a statement from your broker) and you will be given your credentials.
  • If you still can’t seem to get your credentials, there are always a few ways to gain access:
    • Berkshire Hathaway’s corporate office usually puts some credentials for sale on eBay for about $5 each (to keep scalpers from selling them)
    • Find a shareholder who doesn’t need all four of their credentials and ask them to share.
  • If you are a member of the media, you’ll need to contact Berkshire Hathaway headquarters directly for credentials. Please call them at (402)346-1400. You must go through their office to be credentialed for the weekend’s events.
Hope that helps! We’re excited to see you all in Omaha very soon! Share This

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4 Responses to “Answering your Questions about Credentials…”

  1. Matt Slunecka says:

    I was a shareholder for years, but apparently we accidentally sold the shares in 2015.

    I just remedied that by having some stocks sold and exchanged for more BRKB shares, but I wanted to see if there was a cutoff date for new shareholders. My purchase should go through on March 22nd. Is it still possible to get credentials for this year’s meeting?

  2. Trisha says:

    I am not sure how to answer your question. I would think that at the shareholder services kiosk, they would honor any stock purchases up to that date, but only Berkshire headquarters would know for sure. You can sure try calling them but I hear it’s tough to get through.

    And if all else fails, you can always resort to ebay or finding an extra shareholder pass or two from another shareholder.
    Hope to see you in May!

  3. Kelly says:

    Good day Trisha,

    I have a South African Stakeholder who has nominated 2 people to attend the 6 May AGM in his absence. How do I go about arranging their credentials for the AGM?

    Kindly advise?

  4. Trisha says:

    Any shareholder can request up to four passes and can either use those passes themselves or can share them with others. Your shareholder can request passes the same way as everyone else and then share.