Olympian vs. Oracle of Omaha? Only Berkshire Hathaway Weekend!

April 18, 2013

She’s a late addition to the roster of events for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend 2013, but Ariel Hsing is no stranger to Berkshire shareholders.

Here is the young Olympic table tennis star last year, taking on all shareholders who dared!

Ariel Hsing plays Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

Olympian Ariel Hsing plays Warren Buffett and Bill Gates in Table Tennis at the 2012 Shareholders Meeting

We received word from Warren Buffett’s office that Ariel Hsing has agreed to come back and play shareholders at Borsheims once again! She will be in the center court of Regency Court on Sunday during the shareholder-only shopping day (May 5). She will begin to play around 1pm and although in the past couple of years she has played both Warren Buffett and Bill Gates (often at the same time!), we are not sure if the billionaires are taking her on this year. We know Mr. Buffett is busy selling jewelry at Borsheims at 1pm, so maybe if he reaches his $2 million sales goal early enough, he’ll get in a few hits of the paddle with this Olympian.

Welcome back Ariel! We are glad to have you in Omaha again and excited to see you defeat a series of shareholders for yet another year!

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