Reminder: How to Play Warren Buffett’s games at Borsheims

May 6, 2012

We’re prepared for a big day at Borsheims! Brunch and shopping begin at 9am, and the games start about 1pm. Here’s what you need to know about the games:

BRIDGE Bridge has been moved upstairs this year to the second floor of Regency Court. Anyone is welcome to play as long as they know how to play bridge. It helps if you already have your foursome put together, but if you’re solo come upstairs and sign up and we’ll try to get a group together for you. Bridge usually begins at 1pm, but a few people have been known to start playing earlier. I say get there by noon at the latest if you definitely want a seat. The experts, Sharon Osberg and Bob Hamann usually arrive between noon and 1pm.

CHESS This is really amazing to watch. Patrick Wolff is a two-time U.S. Chess Champion and Grandmaster. He will play six people at the same time while blindfolded. It’s incredible to see. If you want to be one of the six people to try to beat Patrick, you can sign up at the Media/Info kiosk in the center of Regency Court starting at noon. At 1pm, we will take the list over to the chess area and draw the names of the six people who will play. You must be there at 1pm when your name is called in order to have a seat.

TABLE TENNIS We expect Mr. Buffett to be the first person to play Olympian Ariel Hsing in table tennis, and we anticipate that will be around 1pm. After that, shareholders can form a queue to try their table tennis skills against the young champ. We will provide paddles and balls, but if you are partial to one you are welcome to bring it. She usually stays for a few hours and rarely gets beat, but you’re welcome to try!

MAGICIAN Norman Beck is an excellent magician and will do tricks in front of (and to) any shareholder near where he’s performing. He is usually located near Williams Sonoma, so be camped out there if you’re hoping to catch his show.

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